How to change the account username on reTerminal (Pi 4)?

How can you change the account username?
I know it is possible to change the username through “root”, but reTerminal & Pi 4 are making this process a bit more complex than I expected.
Thank you!

Hi,reTerminal is similar to Raspberry PI, you have to use root mode to change the username, this is the only way

Changing the account username on systems like reTerminal and Raspberry Pi 4 involves a multi-step process that requires careful handling to ensure a smooth transition. First, access the system using the “root” account, typically with elevated privileges. Once logged in as “root,” create a new user account with the desired username using commands like ‘useradd’ or ‘adduser.’ Assign appropriate permissions and groups to the new account to ensure it functions correctly. After creating the new account, copy the existing user data and settings from the old account to the new one. This includes files from the home directory and any essential configurations. Double-check permissions and ownership to maintain integrity. Once data is securely transferred, test the new account to ensure all settings and applications function as expected. After successful testing, remove or disable the old account, ensuring data safety and system stability. It’s crucial to follow each step meticulously and consider backing up important data before making any changes to mitigate risks.