How to burn Seeeduino 3.0 bootloader

After some programs, my seeeduino 3.0 doesn’t work. It seems to be the bootloader.
I bought Atmel AVRISP STK500 USB ISP Programmer and try it with wiki page.
I connect all like wiki but with the seeeduino 3.0 for me.

I use AVR Studio 4.19, witch detect ISP programmer, but when I want to write bootloader with the same thing from the wiki page, I have this message :
“a problem occured when executing command…”
(I can’t put screenshot cause I’m a newbie here)

Have you an idea ?
Seeeduino 3.0 doesn’t need power supply to program bootloader ?
.hex file is the same than arduino board ?

Have a nice day

seeeduino 3.0 need power supply while programing bootloader, and you can burn Uno bootloader to seeeduino 3.0. :smiley:

Cool, I’d could program the bootloader ! Thanks !

…but I have the same problem, it wasn’t bootloader whitch was the problem, message “avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00” when I want to program it, I verified COM port, board type, I completly erase board with AVR Studio… :confused:

sometimes when you choose the wrong board, it’ll cause “… resp = 0x00”

why not try burn an Uno bootloader~ it’ll more fast~ :smiley:

I’ve try to program directly with ISP programmer, no problem, my program works (I found file in “temp” directory of Windows), it seems to be only USB programmer with Arduino program whitch doesn’t work

wow~ then can find a COM port after you plug your Arduino to PC ?

I try to change USB port (physical) and USB port COMx, same problem, I will try with another PC but I don’t think that will be different

well~ strange thing~ which bootloader did you burn…

same from Atmel AVRISP STK500 USB ISP Programmer wiki page (…\arduino\hardware\arduino\bootloaders\optiboot\optiboot_atmega328.hex)
But my error message was before, after a lot of good programming, and suddenly :astonished:

hm…yes, very suddenly~ or maybe the M_RST_AUTO switch… do you put to the AUTO side?