How to battery power a 5V microcontroller with a 3.7V lithium battery (WT32-SC01 PLUS)

I am still quite new to microcontrollers but with my current knowledge I assembled the following battery powered circuit:

Basically a 3.7V lithium battery with a 5V boost controller powering a WT32-SC01 PLUS board ( Hope that circuit is correct? The 5V boost should also charge the battery when USB cable is connected.

I want to put all in a 3D printed case that has ONE (!) USB-C port I can use for charging the battery / powering the device / flashing the board. Therefore I put a PWR/Data splitter in-between? I would assume if I just splitter the USB input equally the board with have to power inputs (usb and battery) which would not work?

Would be very thankful about feedback.