HOW TO about turning on oversampling mode for DSO203

Hi everybody,

as far as I managed to get to know current modifications DSO203 have two channels with sampling rate 36Msps(CH1)+36Msps(CH2), or 72MSps(if only CH1 is active, and CH2 is in “HIDE” mode). But I have read about oversampling mode when sampling rate is 72+72, or 144MSps for single channel.

So here is the question, How can I turn on the oversampling mode?

And one more question, I was trying to use my DSO to look at 12.5 MHz square wave signal, using both modes (with turned on and hidden CH2). And I didn’t manage to notice any difference in displayed pictures. The picture in both cases was not so good as I’d like it had been (it looks like sine, but definitely not a square wave as expected). Seems like hiding the second channel is not enough to switch the DSO into single channel mode to get a better performance… Does anybody know how to activate single channel mode with doubled sampling rate?

Tested DSO has following firmware and software versions: HW:2.60, SYS:1.40, APP:2.42.
DSO is calibrated, and adjusted with probes.

let me explain your question.
a.) the sample rate is 72M for both channel… it was planed to enter oversampling mode when the other channel is “hide”, but because of logic problem of FPJA, this function has been canceled for the app after 2.42. Bure is in the developing of the FPJA logic, and will release it after it was dealed.
b.) the bandwidth of Quad is something about 7M after well calibrating. so, if your input is 12.5 MHz square wave signal, the wave on Quad will be invalid.

Thanks for the answer. Hope new FPGA logic will be released soon to get better performance.