How SenseCAP T1000 works when LoRa Gateway is unavailable?

Actually I want to know how the firmware works when the LoRa Gateway is not available, does it only try to receive the GPS signal for a certain period (60 seconds) otherwise if the GPS signal is not received How does it work again?
Does it try to connect to GPS again? (I think the device gets stuck after a number of attempts to connect to the GPS satellite and doesn’t work properly!)

Another question is, when the SenseCAP LoRa Gateway is not available, it is possible to view the saved offline locations?

When there is no gateway nearby, the device will be positioned according to the time interval you set. There is a “GNSS Max Scan Time” param, if the positioning is not successful after this time, it will report a scan timeout packet(usually due to the poor signal).
All the data will be stored locally and cannot be viewed directly, when the device returns to network coverage, it will report the cached data and real-time data automatically.

Thanks @Jessie1_SenseCAP
I don’t have access to the SenseCAP Gateway but I can see the data stored on the device after syncing via bluetooth.
The question is, it seems that when the device tries to receive the GPS signal for a while, it stops working properly. (Perhaps it gets caught in an infinite loop.) Maybe the firmware development team needs to pay attention to this part again.