How many shields put on a Seeeduino MEGA

How many shields put on a Seeeduino MEGA ?
By example, a Seeeduino MEGA + EasyVR Arduino Shield + Music Shield, It`s possible ?


(I’m new with seeeduino but not with microcontrollers so:)

I guess you have to take 2 precautions:

  1. Power consumption

  2. Pin dependencies

  3. see how much current/power each shield/hardware need, the sum must not exceed the maximun generated by the power source (500mA if sourced by an usb, for example)

  4. each module uses some resources, only one can use a Tx/Rx usart for example, if 2 or more modules uses the same resource you probably still have a chance modifying the source code of the library it uses.
    Using the same tx/rx example there are many (i saw 4) tx/rx pairs of pins, then you have a chance.
    In the case of an I2C bus, it could handle many slaves, then you have to watch that all the slaves has different Addresses, if not there will be a conflict.

As you can see it all depends, i particulary don’t know specifically about the hardware you mention, sorry, but i spect my answer serves to you somewhat.