How install Voltmetr / QuadPawn into new DSO ?

I tried install QuadPawn into new DSO, but I do not understand it.

  1. Run/Hold + power on => USB virtual disk … there I put PAWN_011.HEX … done

  2. Reboot while holding down button 4 - What the hell ??? How reboot ? It has On/Off button only…
    here I am finishing…

  3. copy .amx to DSO’ USB disk( into virtual or into standard) ???

  1. Yes. Power off. Hold button 4 while powering on.

  2. Into standard disk

  1. made
  2. no effect - logo on screen only

Strange … after most trying I have PAWN application visible under button 4. But under it PC does not recognize USB device => I cannot upload applications.
Does somebody problem with USB in this setting ?