How does the WIO store/use different code onboard

I am just getting started with the WIO terminal and hope someone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for a resource that will tell me how the WIO uses the Wifi/Bluetooth to access the RTL8720DN side of the board and the other sensors on the WIO, also the same for the TI chip for the battery.

Hi there,
These things are pretty great! The WiKi is the best starting place to get familiar with it and try some of the examples, once you setup your Dev environment. :wink: :v:
Checkout the link from the sales page FULL of examples.,

I wish they made one of these will Plugable MCU’s , :star_struck: they are the lowest priced learning tool that can get you started without having to hook everything together, DIsplay,Wifi,Sensors, etc. Nice package and lots of Youtube video’s too!
GL :slight_smile: PJ


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Thank you very much for the information! :smile: