How does one compile the library to produce library.dfu?

I have the source files but I dont have any kind of project or make file. I assume there must be some config that ensures the library code ends up in a different location to the application firmware in memory on the target.

Yes, the application and the library have their own project independently. I have put the app+lib firmware to google code :

This download is for the dfu files and has nothing to do with source files with the exception that they are obviously based on the source files.

My question was how can I make a library.dfu file myself by compiling the source files.

Sorry, the library is not the open source project. You can not modify lib firmware without its project.

If it’s not open source how is it that there are other postings with the library source code attached?

The attached library source code is provided by ST,yet the lib.dfu is the other.

Sorry I couldn’t understand your reply could you expand your explanation please?

If I understand correctly, the “DSO Nano firmware source code v2.5e.rar” on includes the EWARM project that builds the app*.dfu. But the EWARM project that builds the lib*.dfu is not there. All the source files (shipped as is from the ST releases) are there though, from what I can see.

Jerry, if you use a separate EWARM project to build the lib*.dfu, why isn’t that project included in the source package?

The DSO software is divided to three parts: the application,the library and the bootloader.
Our application which use ST library is mainly for signal process and UI operation;
our library is mainly file system related code and it is not open source.

So what was advertised as an open source project is actually only partially open source and leaves me wanting when it comes to actually changing the functionality of the device.

We have the whole open source project v1.1, you can get it from … akechanges .

I can’t yet see how this download is going to help me to compile a lib.dfu but maybe I’m missing the library project configuration info, I will examine further.

Sorry for the under communication, allow me to explain the differences between versions.

DSO Nano was open source for all its firmware, scheme, layout and etc… In later versions, we used 3rd party codes which does not permit open source and divided it into LIB and APP. We are improving along this way to 2.5 now, optimizing with its limited resources. The LIB also includes logo display,the APP is signal process and UI interface.These two parts take different address in flash.

If you need to modify everything on the firmware, please start with v1.1 open source firmware. Or you may modify APP from v2.5 on UI and signal process. Thanks!