How do you upload executable files to arch mix?

I’m trying to learn basic gcc-arm-none-eabi toolchain and want to upload executable to Arch Mix board.

I am a newbie.

I want to run my test-blinky app on Arch Mix but I don’t know how to test this simple hellow-world/“blinky” on the board.

How do you upload executable files to Arch Mix?

I also wonder, even with RT-Thread, it’s not clear about drivers support for the Arch Mix board peripherals, and even how to upload executables to the board either, (even though RT-Thread docs explain how RT-Thread loads applications and runs them, the Arch Mix board specifics for uploading are not clear for me. I am lost.)

I do also have MCUXpresso, but it’s very confusing and I also don’t know how to configure the board and the kind user Erich Styger who posted the 4 blog posts on was using a Segger J-Tag debugger, i think, and I have a simple USB-to-TTL serial thing I bought in Akihabara for 500 yen and it works ok fine to telnet to RT-Thread and run Micropython once and see the help options, etc. so I’m also confused what is needed to load code to the board.

Thank you.


here is the full documentation guide to get start with the Arch Mix : <LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>