how do we order digital probes

I see my coupon and no further instructions about getting the free probes anywhere.

the DSOQuadHWv2.6 that we shipped at the beginning of April, Accesories within Pack is: 2 mueller mcx osilloscope probe, and 1 digital probe. But as now we have no enough digital probe, so we add the coupon in the pack, customs can get a digital probe with the coupon for free when it is avalible …
As the DSOQuadHWv2.6 that we are pre-ordering now in the, we plan 2 mueller mcx osilloscope probe, and 2 digital probe with in the pack.

I didn’t see an answer in there about how we order the digital probes with our coupon? Also, anyone know where we can get X10 probes with MCX connectors? I’d order the connectors and make my own, but that would be just one more iron in the fire.

I too would like to know how we actually order our probes using the coupon in the box. I have a really bad habit of losing coupons before i get to use them :slight_smile:.

Cheers Pete.

Not only with coupon (mine quad btw came with only 2 analog probes and none digital ones :frowning: ) … even without coupon…

also, is there adapter cable from this “weird” connector to a proper BNC?

As far as adaptors go, the only thing I found was a BNC to MCX used for Garmin GPS; BUT, it had a female MCX. I ended up buying a male Crimp-on MCX and a X10 Probe. I’ll just clip the BNC off and terminate with the MCX. Took me a couple of hours figuring out that this might be the only way to go.

also, the coupon is glued under the lid of the box, well, mine is.

I have the coupon but I might want more digital leads then only a single pair :slight_smile:

as for the bnc to mcx, that is really bad news, seeed mentioned they will be providing mcx to bnc adapter …

Wow! Seeed “mentioned” something. I thought there was some kind of code of silence where they wait until the roar is defening. Anyway, I would like to know where to get these kinds of communications? Thanks

Also, if anyone finds where to duy the accessories, please link… I spend way too much time futzing in vien searches myself.

I know I read somewhere during pre-order process that someone from seed said they will provide adapters. Now they didn’t say they will provide them for free but anyhow, I really want to attach my good probes to the quad, and I do not plan to cut them

My unit came with two analogue probes, no digital probes and NO BATTERY… I did get a coupon code

Sorry guys for our inadequate communication! We are ordering the digital probes and will be listed onto shelf soon, they will be default accessories for later Quad batches.

So for the adapter cable, thanks!

Just for future reference, the Accessories link is: … a84169be00

Also note that they have a 100 Mhz probe with BNC and a BNC to “2.5 MM” adaptor! Just a suggestion: try a X10 probe AND/OR a BNC (FEMALE) to MCX (MALE) adaptor. Thanks

Sorry for the long lead time, but we will complete the accessories ASAP.

I found these on Ebay. Not sure if they are going to do the job, but they might alow us to use our own probes. … 4aaab2f56b

Cheers Pete

Way cool! I guess it’s all in the wording. When I saw those GPS adaptors and searched using, “MCX to BNC adapter” I get a Female MCX. When I looked under, “BNC to MCX” I get a Male MCX. Thanks for the second look!

seeed studio is preparing 2 items:

  1. The digital probles, we will notify you how to get one for free with your coupons as it is avilable .
  2. As the BNC to mcx converter, they will be ready soon, but maybe not for free. you can make your probles compatible with Quad with this converter. also, the the X10 probles is avilable in … th=178_180

Thanks for the update!!!

If you look at some of the other sites selling dso nano’s you can find switchable 1x-10x probes with this connector on them.