How do I used "BLE + WiFi + RTOS" at the same time on WioTerminal?

Hi, I’m Peach.

I’m looking for a way to use FreeRTOS (for my task) while using rpcBLE and rpcWifi.

I’m a newbie on RTOS and trying to learn this thing by created a project using FreeRTOS, and it seems to work pretty well on WioTerminal. However, after the rpcBLE and rpcWifi were included and implemented into the project, It crashes immediately on the initializing phase ( all function on setup() is called until ’ vTaskStartScheduler();’ or ‘BLEInit’ depend on which one is reached first.)

I’ve looked inside the RPC library and found that it’s also using the FreeRTOS as a kernel. So, I’m looking for the suggestion of How could I use the BLE, Wifi, and my task on FreeRTOS at the same time? Does anyone have any idea or any example project? Could you help me, please?

Any way to do this? Im having the same problem :slightly_frowning_face: