How Do I upgrade My Early adopter to the latest version

Dear Seeed,

    Do you think you might do me the courtesy of answering my emails when it comes to asking questions about how I may upgrade my original early adopter version of the Quad to the latest version. An option that was offered to all early adopters when they parted with their money.

I have sent you messages and emails asking for instructions and costs of doing this. Sadly you have not responded. This is an all too familiar scenario from asking searching questions about the quad when I first bought it.

Your after sales and customer services quite frankly “sucks

Happy top take my money you are now ignoring my requests and leaving me with a very nasty taste in my mouth. I will not be under any circumstances recommending you or any of your products to anyone and may well go as far as to actively discourage people from using your company unless things improve.

Yours a VERY unhappy customer,

Peter Baines (Bainesbunch)

Hi Peter, :slight_smile:
Very sorry for your problem . Where address do you send the email , I don’t receive it recently.
Although I work for Seeed ,I do agree with you that our after sales and customer services is sucks , it seems not one care about this . They just want to make more money but not do a great business .

For you problem , if you want to upgrade the fimware ?


It makes me very happy to see that atleast some of you recognize the problem. Keep working to fix it!