How do i start learning Arduino?

I’m currently studying mechanical engineering, but I’d like to selfteach me robotics with Arduino and some online courses.

Have any of you guys did this?

If so, how did you do it?

If not, do you think I should do it?

Do I need to learn a programming language to program the Arduino?

If so, which one do you guys recommend?


wellcome to the ship of robotics!

Software and hardware are two wings of robotic engineer that you should have both of them. It up to you to decide which one to start with.

For software, if you do not have any experience of programming, it’s better for you to have a course of c++ like Stanford CS106L.

And for hardware, you need to know the knowledge of circuit(《fundamentals of electric circuit》by Charles K.Alexander will be a good tutorial).

Most of the production of Seeed has detailed step-by-step tutorial so you can play with them even without any knowledge. But if you want to build the project of yourself, Basic knowledge is necessary for you.

Good Luck & Have Fun!