How do I Skip

I installed the latest version of ArduPy on my Wio Terminal. I was developing a startup script that would allow me to start various different programs, so that I could use it for multiple purposes. However, in doing this, I created an infinite loop, not even thinking about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to get into REPL after doing that because USB would never get properly initialized.

In short, I got a brick. Some devices that run MicroPython and its derivatives have a “safe boot” mode that skips the file, so I was wondering if such a mode existed on the Wio Terminal.

If there are any solutions to this, I would rather it not delete the file, but if it’s absolutely necessary, it’s not the end of the world.

What I’ve tried so far:
I already reinstalled ArduPy, but that didn’t delete the
I tried to use the hardware TX and RX pins instead of USB, no dice.
Probably a few more small things that I forgot about.

From my last few days of research, I never found any way to skip However, I was able to bypass the infinite loop by installing CircuitPython, which did not have all of the libraries I used. This caused the program to crash, and dropped to REPL. I was then able to modify the program and reinstall ArduPy.

This doesn’t answer the big question itself, though.