How do I Measure voltage of Channel B signal

I have gone through the Channel A and Channel B calibration. Now I would like to measure the voltage of a signal using channel B. I cannot find the menu/submenu that allows the parameters of channel b to be measured. Can anyone direct me to the correct menu/submenu to enable channelB measurements to be displayed? Thanks.

Place the cursor on any measurement item and then press down on the -/+ button and the color will change, each color represents the associated channel. You can also jogg the -/+ button to change the item type to be measured.

Thanks for the information, I can not find anything about how to manipulate the “cursor”, the manual does not seem to mention “cursor”. How would I access the cusor for a particular signal if both Channel A, Channel B and Channel C were in use? Thank you.

I now understand how to access the channel settings. The push/select sequence was not clear in the “manual”
Press Navigator B, toggle B until the line you want to select, Press Navigator A to select the channel, toggle A to select the measurement you want. As I said, not at all clear in the manual.

:astonished: ok, thanks, i will try to make it clear in the next manual.