How do I know the Pi Hat is connected? and 2 audio jacks which one to use?

Hi admin,

My questions are as follows:

  1. I managed to mount the Pi Hat onto my RPI3 B+, but it seemed loose since I don’t have a soldering iron. How do I know it’s connected and working?

    I ran the following code and the 102 APA LEDs are glowing, does that mean it’s connected? Please advise.


  1. There’s two 3.5mm Audio Jack respectively the PI itself and the one from Pi Hat, what’s the differences ? It seems that I can’t hear anything when I plug my speaker into the PI audio Jack, when the HAT is on. Please advise the difference if any, and if they can work at the same time?


Hi there,

for the first question, the leds are controlled through SPI. you can use the arecord -l see the record device list. if you see the seeed-voice 2 mics, it means the system detects the mics. the leds on/off does not matter during boot up. if you can control it through spi, it means it works well.

for the second question, you can configure it which one to use. it shall be one used at one time. thanks.