How do I get voltage scale to display on chanel c & d?

I have had a few issues with the digital channels since I got my DSO quad. First the supplier on ebay never sent me digital probes.

Took 22 email’s to convince them I needed digital probes, I am now taking action against them for misleading advertising etc. In the mean time I purchased some from Seedstudio bazzar. I now have 4 digital probes.

I still cant get anything other than a square wave to display, and I have no ac/dc or voltage scale to adjust. Screen just shows – -- where ac/dc and voltage should be…

Am I doing something wrong? Or it there a fault with my device?

Channels C and D are pure digital channels. Cannot be used for analog work. So, what you describe is exactly what it is supposed to do. There seems to be nothing wrong with your dso. The channels can either be On (C or D) or off (–)

So there is no way to measure voltage on digital channels? Nor tell between AC or DC?

Because even after I got digital probes, no difference than with analog probes.

Can I read about this in detail somewhere? I must admit to knowing little about digital channels.

Why have I seen pictures of the DSO 203 with voltage scale displayed? Surely this is misleading advertising?

What the point in showing a waveform if you cant measure it? Apart from timescale which is not accurate? (ie if I mesure the same waveform with B & D it often tells me different cycle times)…

You can use C & D channels as logic analyzer or as trigger channels.

As for the bad measuring of cycle times, lousy triggering etc, I agree that it is false advertisement on Seeed’s part. The default APP and BIOS and FPGA are unbelievably buggy.