How do I get rid of the waveform in the background?

OK, this is a pretty neat electronic toy, but I am getting bugged by the waveform in the background which is there on every boot. How can I get rid of it? I have been able to load and save my own waveforms, but that “default” one will just not go away, even when I load my own saved ones. I noticed that the screen refreshes do seem to tear up the image of the default waveform, but it just ends up cluttering everything up.

There are also artifacts displayed from moving waveforms that stick around which also clutter things up. Sorry if it sounds like I am bagging on the v2, I really like it and can overcome these problems, though I would rather not have to. I have the V2 with App ver2.40. Thanks!

By the way, I found that a SanDisk 2GB microSD Card ( sku 209632621) worked after I formatted it with “FAT” from windows 7. Another answer to a question probably only I would have is that the SD goes in with pins up (I found it a bit fiddly and did not want to force anything, and then it just went in - hehe).

I found a posting on Sparkfun which explained that to get it to go away consistently, just change the scale and that did the trick. I hope this bogus purple waveform is removed on future fw releases, it does not do anything useful.

This works for me, using the 3.x firmware:

  1. Select FL (file operations)
  2. Select “Show Ref” and press >> to hide the reference waveform
  3. Select “Save Pro” and press << until the “S Flash” is selected as destination file (default at startup)
  4. Press M to save

OK, how do I select ‘FL’? The selector always skips from x1 to Fo (in either direction)?

Ah … the manual says I need a uSD card for that, and I don’t have one of those. Is there some other way?

Meanwhile, how do I determine whether I have “3.x firmware”? The device arrived just yesterday, so hopefully up-to-date …

-> And answered that myself – turn it off and back on. Found I had 2.1. Found the BenF 3.12 download. Installed. Found I now have a working 'scope.

Many thanks to all involved!