How do I *disassemble* the re_computer case?

I’ve got an Odyssey in the re_computer case - it says in many places that the acrylic cover is easy to remove, but how? How do you remove it? How do you disassemble the case?

The answer was - remove one of the side wifi antenna covers, insert a cylindrical prying tool and hope that I don’t damage the cover too much when I pop it off. Can I please request that the next version is a bit easier to work with?

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Do you mean the magnetically-attached transparent cover? At least on my case, there was a sliding metal cylinder just inside a side wall. The cylinder can be reached by a finger near the fan, and it can be pressed to pop up the cover a bit. No tools needed.

(Although on my case, one of the four magnets on the transparent cover was not glued in place properly, but the cover stays in place with the remaining three. It would not be good if that magnet comes loose and shorts something inside…)

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Thanks for that - nowhere did it say the cover was magnetic, or that there was a release mechanism