How do I connect my Rainbowduino to Mega to program it?


I have an Arduino Mega along with a Rainbowduino w/power supply. I’m having trouble finding what pins to connect in order to program my Rainbowduino via my Mega. I have an RGB Matrix connected to it and I’m trying to get the sample sketch on there.

I also have a USB AVRISP but it seems easier to do it with the Mega yes?

Thank You for your help,


Hi matey,

I can’t be 100% sure, maybe the other guys can prove me wrong, but as the Mega (assuming you’re talking about the Offical Mega) does not have the ability to disable the automatic reset it wont work.

ISP programmer would probably the most pain free method unless you’ve got a seeeduino knocking around?

Thanks. I got this programmer … p-207.html

I need to fire up vmware in order to use the programmer (I think) as I don’t see any mac drivers anywhere. It only came with a “mini cd” which I can’t load with my slot drive mac. So I don’t have any documentation or anything.


Try this out:

Great, thanks. i got those installed. I hooked up the programmer, but I’m not sure which way to plug the cable from the programmer into the rainbowduino. Is the red end of the ribbon cable equal to pin 1? Also, do I need to have the power supply connected to the rainbowduino when I’m programming it?

Thanks for your help.


Also I should point out that I planned on controlling the rainbowduinbow (and ultimately 3 more) from the Mega using several inputs. Like an RGB etch-a-sketch.


Funky, let me know how it goes. I’m still trying to think of something awesome for the Rainbow