How can I use the HM3301 and other I2C devices (sensors) on the arduino uno R3 at the same time?


I wanted to use the arduino to measure both CO2 and PM2.5 levels, so I used the CCS811 and HM3301. they are both I2C devices, so I connected their SDA and SCL directly to the arduino’s SDA and SCL. But I seem to be having problems with address assignment, and I don’t know the libraries for I2C and these devices very well, so I can’t seem to modify the code myself to make them work at the same time. It’s also possible that I’m stupid to connect them directly to the I2C interface. Can anyone help me?

How can I make the HM3301 work with other I2C devices on the arduino UNO by modifying the example code or in some other way?