How can I use STM32CubeMX with LoRa-E5 Dev Board

Hi, I’m trying to use STM32WL SDK with the LoRa-E5 Development Board but I can’t use STM32CubeMX because the first time I run CubeMX and I change anything (I need activate i2C communications) the project is refreshed and the build returns a lot of errors.

For me the major reason for use the STM32Cube platform is the excelent CubeMX, what can I do for to use your LoRaWAN_End_Node project with STM32CubeMX?

Best regards

Hi my friend,
Can you open the project with CubeIDE first? Then double-clicking the *.ioc file in the project to open CubeMX.
This works for me.

First of all thanks for your response.
Yes, of course, but the problem begin when I modify anything in the MX project.
My goal is to use I2C, then I assign PA15/PB15 to I2C2 and save the *.ioc file, after that CubeMX start to re-make all the project modifying a lot of files and later I give a lot of errors at compiling time.
I can resolve all these errors manualy correcting each of them but if I want to modify anything al hardware level with CubeMX I start the same operation I described.
I’m using STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.5.1
Did you changed the *.ioc project and recompile without errors?

No, I also meet lots of errors after using CubeMX. So I decide to activate the peripheral manually. :rofl:

Same problem here. Unable to port the examples from STM32 to LoraE5 because of that :/. We’ll have to wait for them to solve it…

I am starting a new weather station project (from esp32) but I would like to know if the LoraE5 module can support two independent I2C channel. Do you know if I can configure the pins in this way?
sorry, but I don’t know too much about the STM32 architecture.

thank you very much