How can I solve FAN problem in ODYSSEY-X86J4105

When I tested ODYSSEY X86J4105 for 2 weeks. The FAN is broken. But we can’t purchase it on the website because ‘Out Of Stock’.

I think the fan problem is very serious. I bought many ODYSSEY X86J4105, How can I change FAN. we don’t know the FAN model or backup product.

please guide us on how can I solve the problem…

Have you uodate the letest firmware?

Yes. I already did it. but I think FAN is short-lived. I think it is a durability problem. We can’t purchase FAN parts because out of stock. Despite all the problem, there are no countermeasures.
I purchased over 25 EA. ODYSSEY - X86J4105.

Hi, please
We will help you with this fan issue in our email system, please note your forum ID when sending email, thank you!