How can I save a useful CSV file from DSO Nano V3

My new Nano has options to save BMP, CSV, and other formats. The BMP works and looks like the screen, but of course resolution is limited. I hoped to get more detail from a CSV file. I was able to write one to the internal memory and view it on my computer.

The problem is that the file is just a single column of 4094 integer values ranging from 128 to 130.

I am looking at an I2C SCL signal, so there is a lot of time at 5V with brief drops to 0V in bursts. That is what I am trying to capture, and I can’t even tell if the CSV is related to the data.

Any suggestions? Maybe I’m making a beginner error, or maybe there’s a whole different approach I should be using.

By the way, the V3 I have does not have an SD slot as is often mentioned here. It stores to internal memory. Does that matter?


The CSV file is unfortunately undocumented. You can try the following:

Conversion constants:
Hcr = 30 [Spl/Div] Horizontal conversion constant.
Vcr = 25 [ADC/Div] Vertical conversion constant

Hscale [sec/div] … horizontal deflection factor
Vscale [V/div] … vertical deflection factor

Values from CSV file:
Nspl … Number of data points horizontal (usually a difference value!)
Wadc … Data value (usually a difference value!)

From this to physical quantities:
T[sec] = Nspl/Hcr*Hscale
U[V] = Wadc/Vcr*Vscale


Edit: Vcr = 22.4 --> 25 [ADC/Div]
Vcr=22.4 contains my gain error correction. Use Vcr=25 if you don’t know the gain error of your device.