How can I restart crashed Odyssey remotely using on board ARM coprocessor

Did anybody already set it up?
I want to set up machine in such a way, that I can reset it remotely via built in ARM coprocessor.
Possibly also add some additional watchdog.
Thank you!

You may post it to the ARM forum too.

Thank you for suggestion, which forum exactly would be the best fit?

You can use the onboard MCU to implement a watchdog. If there is no signal coming from the 40-pin side, just use the MCU’s PIN to reset the board.

Thats a great start, thank you.
watchdog would be on arm, watchdog resetting on main cpu, for example checking that there is connectivity to google (why not:-)
How about remote connecting to the arm MCU and forcing restart of main CPU?
Is this possible?

I think this is impossible, because this is an MCU, there is no special networking function.