How can I reset Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

I went through the lessons for my Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino and would now like to share the kit with a friend. However, it appears the last code I loaded is still there and I’d like to get it back to its original state where you power it up and it shows several sensor values like temp and humidity when you turn the potentiometer. How can I get my Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino back to that original state? Thanks.

Since there appears to be no way to withdraw a question on this forum, I will document here that I received an answer to my question from Seeed tech support via email. The community took no notice of my original question, and will likely take no notice of this update.

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Wonderful, my friend. This is the real spirit of a community!
You should better act on a market place.
I am brand new in this forum and have no chance to read the answer of the support. That means that I have to ask the same question for another time and it has to be answered for another time. Is this the way this forum works?

It would better to search the question before you ask it. :grinning:

Of course, I will.
But I can’t resist when I read such answers. :wink:

Hi friends,
for all of you who are interested in this topic: Here is the solution.
Look here:,
click 5.initial Arduino Firmware Demo -> there is the Grove_starter_kit code.

Have fun.

Hi TSeib.
Here is the Initial Arduino Firmware Demo code. You can download it and uncompress the file to your folder. Double click the Grove_Starter_Kit.ino, make sure you had have installed u8g2, MsTimer2, DHT, Seeed_BMP280, LIS3DHTR libraries, and then you can uplode the demo codes to the board.