How can I read the pin 6 (RSSI) on the XBEE Series 2


Dou you have any idea about How can I read with an ARDUINO or SEEEDUINO, the value on the pin 6 (RSSI) in the XBEE Series 2?.

Thank you very much.


Hi Sergio,
I am sorry, the RSSI is not connect to Arduino/Seeeduino.
However, the XBee pins are all break out to 2.54mm.
You can connect the RSSI pin to Arduino/Seeeduino with a fly wire.


Hi Albert,

Excuse me for not to give you more references.

The problem doesn’t become of hardware, I don’t have problem in connecting the XBEE with SEEEDUINO/ARDUINO.

The problem that I have is, How can I read the value of RSSI, that’s to say, How can I obtain this value through software. I saw the wave of the pin 6 in the XBEE with an oscilloscope but only see a level of voltage, it seems that my oscilloscope is not very good. So I cannot see the wave that the XBEE deliver for this pin. The other option is writing a program that to send AT commands through serial port, but even I don’t know to make it.



Hi Albert,

I was reading a document of the manufacturer of these devices, about the value of the RSSI, in this document they says that the RSSI has a value between a range. I bought these pieces XB24-BCIT-004-revB (Series 2) of SEEEDSTUDIO. Do you know the interval of the value of the RSSI for this device?.