How can i connect xiao sense with pc bluetooth 5.0

Hi i need to connect the xiaon sense nrf5280 with bluetooth to my pc but this cant connect with windows, with iphone and android works, but i need connect this to my pc

Hi, do you mean you want XIAO BLE to connect to your computer via Bluetooth?

yes, my pc have bluetooth 5.0

The XIAO BLE is currently designed to be used only as a slave device. It cannot act as a master and search for a nearby Bluetooth device and connect to it.

Ohh ok, i understand, can you help to know how can i connect the xiao with a pc via bluetooth?

If you want to enable your computer to connect to XIAO BLE and then receive data sent by XIAO BLE, you need to find one of these Bluetooth software. For example LightBlue.