How can I connect XIAO BLE Sense, MR60FDA1 and Grove Chainable RGB Led 2.0?

I want to connect and control the Seeed Grove Chainable RGB LED 2.0 using the XIAO BLE SENSE and the MR60FDA1 radar sensor in Arduino for fall detection. When the fall is detected, RGB led will be red and if there is no fall, RGB led will be green. But I don’t know how can I connect them. Please help…

60GHz mmWave Fall Detection Pro | Seeed Studio Wiki

But I wonder that how can I connect them Grove Chainable RGB LED 2.0. I already know how to connect 60ghz fall module and nrf52840 eachother.

You can refer to his method in this Wiki:

you can use one or more Grove - Chainable RGB LED. Note that the IN interface of one Grove - Chainable RGB LED should be connect to D7/D8 of Grove - Base Shield and its OUT interface connect to IN interface of another Grove - Chainable RGB LED, chainable more LED in this way.

Step 1. Connect the Grove-chain RGB LED to port D7 in the base guard plate

Step 2. Plug the base guard into your Seeeduino/Arduino.

Step 3. Connect Seeeduino/Arduino to your PC via USB cable.

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Thank you so much. I will try that.

Hello, have you succeeded? I also need to make this product recently. I wonder if I can get your help?Thank you very much