How can I connect to the Wiolink's WLAN?

I can not connect using the iOS App!
I can connect to the WioLink’s WLAN but as soon as I click the add button in the app the phone disconnects.
Any suggestions? Thx.

hi , it seems that you connected Wio Link first and then add, pls follow those steps: click add button first - click ready button, and then connect Wio Link. Here is a video shows the specific steps :

You first need to connect it to a WLAN without security. I don’t know why and I haven’t had time to test this solution myself, but I myself have been unable to set up my WIO Links. See


This should probably be added to the FAQ, or even better, fixed in the apps/firmware.

Yes, it should be added to the FAQ.

Could you try those steps as below:

  1. Connecting your phone to your WiFi router first
  2. Make the Wio Link into config mode ( press the Func Button almost 4-5 seconds, then the BLUE light onboard will into “breathing mode” )
  3. click Plus icon on top-light in App
  4. then follow steps which the App shows

Hoping it can help you.