Horrible bluetooth and wifi signals on reTerminal

Anyone else seeing very low signals using the reTerminal? I have it and a raspberry pi 4 sitting pretty near each other, and my pi4 shows a signal strength of -56dbm, while the reTerminal shows -88dbm, and has all kinds of drops. Same thing with monitoring bluetooth beacons. I see a ton on the rpi4, but the reTerminal misses most of them. I did make sure the connector on the antenna internally is attached, and it appears to be. I am wondering if the internal antenna is just that bad, or if I have a defect.

Anyone have a better experience than me? I basically can’t use it right now because the connection is so bad no matter where I put it. I wouldn’t expect there to be that big of a different between this and an rpi4…

May I ask when you bought your reterminal?
Can you get a nearby WiFi network?
Finally, may I have a look at your antenna connection diagram?

I bought the reTerminal through Amazon, and it does barely get the wifi with a very poor connection and drops packets like crazy. The WAP reports it as a very poor connection… It is just very deaf to any signals.I’m not sure what wiring diagram you would want as it is a prebuilt unit. I have not modified it in any way. The only thing I did was make sure the antenna was plugged in to the cm4, which it is. It just seems to have very poor reception capabilities. Another rpi4 (normal kind) sitting right in the same spot has a very good signal to the WAP an no problems, and also hears bluetooth beacons just fine, whereas the reTerminal does hear them at all…

Perhaps you can feed back your case of hardware and WiFi signal results to techsupport@seeed.io in the form of video

Can you inquire about after-sales service on the official website?