Hooking up 8x8 RGB and Seeeduino card

OK, now I have both the 8x8 RGB matrix and the seeeduino card. Where do I find the info to hook them up like in the youtube video? :question:

Hi Joey:

You would need peripheral circuits to drive it. Please refer to Melka’s exciting similar projects here: arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaB … 1229133634

We are working on a Rainbowduino for this kind of application, seeedstudio.com/blog/?page_id=187 which would be available in Feb. Thank you !

how is the Rainbowduino coming along?

Rainbowduino is pushed out to lower priority, we are still working on the circuit for constant driver with swift switching. If you are not sensitive with display performance, just a few 595 would do the job. Thanks!

What is the status of the RainbowDuino?

I just bought an 8x8 matrix from you on e-bay - I am beginning to wish I had a closer look thru SparkFun’s site first, because they offer 8x8 matrix + driver backpack. sparkfun.com/commerce/produc … cts_id=760

I am not bashing or anything - just wish there were a quick and easy way to drive the matrix.

SparkFun won’t sell the driver independent of the matrix.

Oh… and… What caused the rainbowduino to become lower priority???

Something good? :mrgreen:

Good news is that we have almost finished with prototyping, RainbowDuino will be released in 2-3 weeks frame :laughing: There will be some exciting features!

is it going to be similar to the illuminato ( liquidware.com/shop/show/ILL/Illuminato ) possibly?

I would buy it right now if it can drive the 8x8 pretty easily out of the box…

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