Hijack development kit, does anyone know more details?

I have been searching for more details on availability of the iPhone Hijack audio port developement kit, and registered to received updates from the website.
But wonder if the project is still active?

Is any body willing to sell their kit at a premium if anyone is not using it?

I would like to explore couple ideas but can get a set.

Does anyone know if this Open source project is still alive?

Thank you in advance,


hi, it is still in active and it is open source . you can download the sourcecode of the firmware and a library of the app development on the website of the hijack website: code.google.com/p/hijack-main/downloads/list
msp430.zip (103 KB)

Has anyone been successful at placing an order with MasterCard?

The shopping cart show several methods, but have not been able to get them working for us.

Any ideas