Highest Possible Sampling Rate for Grove EMG

I am using the Grove EMG detector with a Grove shield and Arduino Mega, and my code is based on https://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2019/12/29/what-is-emg-sensor-myoware-and-how-to-use-with-arduino/.
I would like to reach a 1kHz sampling rate, however, each run of the getAnalog function requires over 3ms. Any idea how to speed things up?
Thank you

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You should be able to call something like the following for max speed of the ADC:
ADCSRA = (0 << ADPS2) | (0 << ADPS1) | (0 << ADPS0);

This sets the ADC prescaler value to the lowest value, you can adjust using the info in the chart above.