High Temperature Sensor


i’ve just purchased a sensor ( seeedstudio.com/depot/Grove- … -1810.html ) and I would like to work with a Raspberry (i’ve purchased a GrovePi too).

I am a little confused with the FAQ which talks about I2C (for Arduino i guess ?). Is the sensor analogic or digital ? I try to put it on the A0 slot of my pi, but it doesn’t work, i have no data (with a digital slot too).

Do you know any example code for this particular model ? I’ve tried the example for the wiki but i think it is not adapted for this.

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my poor english :slight_smile:


The High temperature sensor is an analog sensor and the example library in wiki is for Arduino.

Please use the following resources to understand using GrovePi with sensors : Getting Started with GrovePi and GrovePi Software Examples

There are examples provided in the above links for Analog read using GrovePi. Modify them to use Grove - High Temperature Sensor.