High Temperature Sensor (Grove) & Seeeduino 4.2


I got a High-Temperature-Sensor and a Seeeduino V4.2. To all information I found this is supposed to work together.
I followed the standard instructions and got the latest libraries and examples.

However, the readings of the board’s and the probe’s temperature sensor differ greatly, which is far beyond any variation/error/reproducebility issue:

Room Temp: 20.29
Thermo Temp: 9.67

I struggle with this quite a while now, when i turned to seeed support, the answers were unfortunately not really helpful and I started wondering, if they sell more than they truly should offer here…

Please, has ANYONE got these sensors to work as offered by their description?

How to do a proper calibration, how to compute and where to put data from boiling and ice water measurings?

Sorry, for this desperate reach out to the community…

Thank you greatly in advance.

@jiachenglu Please help him

Hi @n1c0
Please refer to this GitHub readme URL to calibrating the probe and not the onboard sensor.
Follow the FAQ to do Grove-High temperature sensor calibration.

Besides, what I need to tell you is the “getThmc()” function. It is different from room temperature.
As you can see from the Hight_Temp.cpp, tempThmc = K_VtoT(vol) + tempRoom.
I think this is a formula related to cold junction compensation.

Dear jiachenglu,
Thank you for the advice.
Unfortunately I only use the Seeeduino and not a Raspberry device. Of course, the python code can not work out of the box (e.g. RPi._GPIO from grovepi lib complains running on non Raspberry machines). I would love to have everything in python though…
So, how to calibrate the sensor with the regular means (and basically sold by seeedstudio)???

Thank you!