High speed wifi module

Hello, I am looking for some high speed wifi module with SPI interface. I have found the “wifi bee” based on Microchip MRF module, but it can handle transmission speeds only up to 2 MBps. I want to transfer 800kB per second, that means I need at least 7MBps throughput. Any idea what module should I use? And what processor (or development board) would be sufficient for driving such wifi module? My project uses 16 x 8 channel ADC, with 24 bits per sample and sample rate about 1kHz (or 2kHz). You can imagine it as a multi channel high speed ECG device. The device has to be portable and battery powered. Can you recommend me something suitable for this purpose?

Thank you,

Hi there:
I’m sorry to tell you that now we don’t have that wifi module and the ADC converter,but if we find something that is fit to your project,we will let you know.