HEX to BIN ??

I have the V2.81 hdwe and recently downloaded the bootloader code (1st 16K) with the STM serial interface. The download only provides a hex file and the upload to flash anything requires a BIN file.

So the question is whether I can use a HEX to BIN convertor to enable me to upload this bootloader code???


OK, after some research I found SW that will let me review the HEX file and also save it in BIN. Interesting notes I found in the code… The micro controller being used is the STM32F103VE. There was some other data regarding the FPGA I believe.

I can put both of the files up if anyone is interested. I can’t validate them since my Quad is not working in the DFU mode. At least it is the bootloader for V2.81. If someone has a Brick then they can try uploading it.


I’d be interested to see the dumps.

They are not of direct use to me as I have earlier hardware and a 3.11C DFU. However, I did do a simple disassem of that version to see the Licensing handling so I may be able to do some sort of rough comparison.

I have attached a zip file of the HEX and BIN files for the V2.81 bootloader on my Quad.

Hopefully it works, I have not used the “create” portion of ZIP in a rather long time.
BOOTDSOV340C16K (2).zip (11 KB)

Let me explain what I did first. I experimented last time with various FPGA/SYS/APP and I can’t remember what versions I mixed up, but after all I gave up.

When I tried your file today, it worked! It complained only about that licence code. Then I wanted to update FPGA/SYS/APP with latest versions for my HW2.81, but unfortunately it is now complaining about FPGA error on startup. So it works with some of the older FPGA/SYS/APP combinations, which I can’t remember :frowning: so I still need to wait for SEEED stuff for their official release of DFU for HW2.81 :frowning:

Thank you wagnermerle anyway! Really appreciate.

Can you, please, provide some info or link to that hex2bin software you have used?