Hercules 4wd motor controller

I know the motor controller is arduino compatible, but is it possible to connect it to an arduino uno board? Sort of using the motor controller as a shield?

I am trying to do the same thing -using the Hercules board to control motors in a model boat. I am using an arduino mega clone as the main receiver board and using a second arduino mega clone to run a custom transmitter. So I want to turn a potentiometer on the transmitter - have that received on the second mega which will somehow send the message to the Hercules board. I have successfully gotten the two megas connected wirelessly but am working on hooking the Hercules board to the second mega. I am thinking maybe use I2C but I am new to this and still learning about that. Would definitely be interested to hear if you figure this out.

I’m trying to do the same, connecting an arduino uno to use as a sensor platform to command the hercules4wd board. Will try with i2c but this is also something new for me so I do not know if this will work…we’ll see. I would appreciate some sort of instructions on this behalf, unfortunately the hercules4wd page is not really well explanatory…