Help with Piezo Vibration Sensor

I have the Grove Piezo Vibration Sensor.
I am trying to use it on a musical instrument, but it does not seem very sensitive at all.
Using the code on the wiki page, I have to THUMP it hard to make it jump to 1023.
I have adjusted the sensitivity resistor, which appears to go from 0-1K. I assumed the chips onboard were op-amps to pump the output to a well measurable level.
I need something very sensitive, like this:
I want to use this to tell the frequency of a musical instrument.

same problem here

I tried to adjust the sensitivity potentiometer, but the issue persists.
I have to hit it quite hard with my finger to see a 1023.

Did you manage to find a solution.



I managed to make the sensor work.
It was just that the code example on the wiki page doesn’t work well.
You have to remove the delay.

Btw, it’s still a all-or-nothing thing.