Help with Hercules dual motor shield.

Hello. I bought the Hercules 4wd robot which seems really robust but I find the documentation on the motor shield very sparse. I usually figure things out on arduinos but on the Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller I’m stuck. And I don’t find a lot of examples on the internet.

My fist problem is that the robot doesn’t run straight forward. I don’t know whether it’s a mechanical problem or a setup problem. For instance it doesn’t say much about the extra wires from two of the motors. I guess these goes to the encoder pins. But which motor cord to which pin. Maybe if the board could sense the motors the robot would go straight. I use the MOTOR.setSpeedDir1(Speed, DIRF) and Motor.setStop1() commands. Do you have to add additional code to include motor sensing?

My second problem is trying to connect an ordinary RC servo to the bord. Its hard to tell which pins correspond to which pins on an Arduino Yun. Which pins have PWM? Can you run it with the ordinary servo.h? I just get jitter from the servo.

Please help. /Nuckan.