Help with Grove Serial RF Pro

Hi all,

I am starting on the arduino world, and i have a problem with my first project.

I´ve built an hygrostat with the humidity & temp sensor (no problems with that) for my cigars, but i want to send Hum & Temp info to my oregon scientific

Reading about how to do it, i thought the Serial RF Pro will be the right component, but i find two problems:

  • First and most important, i can´t manage to configure or check the parameters through the instructions provided in the wiki, anyone has an example on the code needed? i couldn´t find any example.
  • As indicated by Seed, the module standard frequency is set to 433ghz, but i can’t receive any info from my oregon scientific sensors. On the same way, any reference or code example, will be very welcome.

Thank you for your Help !!



I can´t believe i am the only beginner with problems on this :open_mouth: … Come on !!

Is anybody using this this module for anything? anything could help… Otherwise i will try with sparkfun parts.

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Features: … troduction

Example: … rogramming

Config: … es_Summary

Your choice is good. Very nice project for beginner :wink:
I use RFBee with XBee Carrier and Humi/Temp sensor for my Humidor. Its LiPo powered (no wires :wink: and very small but the RFBee does not runs out of the box as standalone device.