Help with Grove PM2.5 (HM3301) output meaning clarification

Hi - the Grove PM2.5 (HM3301) docs indicate there are outputs:

  • PM1.0 concentration(CF=1,Standard particulate matter,unit:ug/m3)
  • PM2.5 concentration(CF=1,Standard particulate matter,unit:ug/m3)
  • PM10 concentration(CF=1,Standard particulate matter,unit:ug/m3)
  • PM1.0 concentration(Atmospheric environment,unit:ug/m3)
  • PM2.5 concentration(Atmospheric environment,unit:ug/m3)
  • PM10 concentration(Atmospheric environment,unit:ug/m3)

Does anyone know what the difference is between (CF=1,Standard particulate matter,unit:ug/m3) and (Atmospheric environment,unit:ug/m3) for the three particulate matter sizes?


Please refer to the note at Grove - Laser PM2.5 Sensor (HM3301) - Seeed Wiki


The standard particulate matter mass concentration value refers to the mass concentration value obtained by density conversion of industrial metal particles as equivalent particles, and is suitable for use in industrial production workshops and the like.
The concentration of particulate matter in the atmospheric environment is converted by the density of the main pollutants in the air as equivalent particles, and is suitable for ordinary indoor and outdoor atmospheric environments. So you can see that there are two sets of data above.

Thanks for pointing out that note. I totally missed it.