Help With Fried Stalker Cap..

what is the value of C9 on the seeedstduio stalker 2.0? i plugged in the wrong battery and it smoked out… i dont think there is any more damage but i couldnt find the diagram for the value of c9…


According to the schematic on the wiki, C9 is 47uF (in the power section, bottom left).

It is a 10v 47uF Type B Tantalum Capacitors.
What’s kind of battery do you plug in?
Which JST connector do you plug it in?

it was a 2 cell lipo i didnrt mean to plug it in i was just sizing the plug toi see if it was the right connector and i mnade the connection by accident and the cap went up… it touched for a split second so i think i was lucky the only damage was the cap… i guess it cant handle the 7.4 volt lipo

i plugged it into the battery plug im not sure if i put it the right way i might have had the wrong polarity im not sure it was a split second accident.

replaced the cap all is fine thanks for giving me the value i still cant find the schematic for the stalker with the cap values… am i blind maybee? lol

Maybe. :slight_smile:

The relevant section of the wiki page is here. View the full resolution version of the .png, or there is link to a PDF version.

Got it i was tired i guess i didnt sdee the values on that pdf but all is good thanks alot

And Eagle Source Files just added. … #Resources