Help with DS0201 scope

So I have just received my scope minus manual. It is the e-design minidso DS0201. I see Seed’s manual on line for the nano but still is not answering my question. So my first is how do you switch from 1x to 10x. There is a switch on the probe but it doesn’t change the 1x/10x on the screen when i switch it. It always says 1x probe. And my last question is what are those colored rings that go on the probe for. I have never seen that on any benchtop oscope. Thanks .



the switch on the probe sets the x10 on the probe (basically it adds a resistor). You have to “tell” the DSO Nano what sort of probe you use seperately.

The setting on the DSO Nano depends on the firmaware.

With the original firmaware on mine (It says Seeed and App Version 2.40):
-> Use the left / right buttons until the blinking cursor is on the “x1” on the right side. Then toggle it with the up/down button to “x10”

With the nice firmware from BenF (Version 3.61) there is a manual. Use the up/down Buttons to go to the “OT” on the right side, press OK, select “Probe Att” and use the left/right buttons to toggle between “x1” and “x10”.

With other firmware I can’t tell how to get there.

With the coloured rings I can only guess. Probably meant to mark the probes when using several probes at the same time.

Do you know where to get a reliable firmware update. I have the one from STmicroelectronics V.2.5 but it is not loading with windows 7.


So I finally have it working. FYI using DFUDemo in Windows 7 has to run in WindowsNT 4 service pack 5 compatibility. At least that is what I had to do. I also can now switch my probe between x1/x10 . Thanks