Help with connector

I recently purchased a set of Female Header - SMD-4P-2.0mm-20Pcs connectors.
My problem is that they do not fit with any of my solderless breadboards or any prototyping boards that I have. All my boards are standard and measure out to be 2.0 mm pitch. The pins on the connector do not line up with the holes in the breadboards or prototyping boards.
Why do these connectors not fit? What am I missing?

Thank you.

Hi @huppy999
This is because the hole size of your board does not match the Grove Female Header pin.
Below is the Grove Female Header dimension.

Do you have any idea where you buy the connectors used on the Grove boards? They don’t look like standard connectors I’m used to seeing like the JST families.

Hi @gunrunnerjohn

You can purchase these connectors from Seeed Bazar store.