Help with code to control 2 I2C motor drivers

I’m looking to try and use 2 I2C motor drivers to control a total of 3 motors however I am having difficulty finding information on addressing the motors separately. I have changed the addresses for the boards to 0x0f and 0x0a.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Cormac412 ,
As you know, I think it can be controlled individually by changing the address.
Could you tell me the details of the problem?

I have attempted to alter the example code that is available online, however I am not great at coding and I am unsure how to add a third motor correctly as I cannot seem to find how to address it properly.
Here’s the link to the code Seeed-Studio/Grove_I2C_Motor_Driver_v1_3: Grove - I2C Motor Driver v1.3 - L298P&ATmega8L (