Help with 2.8" TFT touch screen shield V1


i’m new to this and i havent been able to get my new TFT touch screen V1 working with my arduino UNO V3.

ive tried different libraries and examples. but my screen stays “WHITE”

it uploads and compiles sketch with no problem. but when it finishes my screen stays WHITE. i see no changes and i even try unplugging the USB cable from the computer but still stays the same.

i read online that i have to set the screen to work with my arduino UNO. but idk how to do that. ive been looking for tutorials online but havent find anything.

maybe the code im using is for arduino MEGA and maybe thats why it shows the white screen.

but once again, idk how to make it work with my arduino ONE.

also i bought one micro SD/SD card shield to save pics on it so i can display them on the screen but 1st i have to get the screen working.

please any help???

Hi,your touch shield’s back is red? or black?
And please confirm that whether all examples can’t work?

You can download this attachment and have a try.Any problem let’s know. (11.5 KB)

Thanks for responding!

Well seems like the files I was trying to upload to my arduino were not compatibles with my TFT touch screen shield.

A nice person from YouTube sent me her files and I tried it, and it worked perfect!

I can’t post the link of the files I got. Sorry

And yes my screen shield is RED.

I bought it at RadioShack

It’s a version 1.0 12A11

Could you add a attachment to us, we want to see why you work that library well , but ours is not.


ok here are the files:

this worked perfectly for me:

and none of these files didnt work for me, i dont kn0w why…

Adafruit_TFTLCD.rar (368 KB)
ArduinoTicTacToe.rar (18.8 KB)

look, this is all i have here.

im trying to display pictures on my TFT screen from the SD shield but i dont know how to do that. can you send me some codes or something so i can get that to work?


yes , your SD Card is a version of V3.0 , you have a Arduino and a TFT Touch Shield 1.0.

So you want to show pictures on Touch shield via SD Card Shield , don’t you?
But sorry to tell you , the version of TFT Touch Shield can’t work with SD Card Shield together , because almost all pins will be occupied when using TFT Touch Shield , so no free pin can be used by SD Card Shield.

If you want to do that , the version of TFT Touch Shield you need is V2.0. The version 2.0 bring a sd slot with it, you need not a SD Card Shield at all. You can show pictures by version 2.0 only.

oh well… radioshack didnt have the version 2 lol

anyways… will it work if i buy one of this 74HC595 8 bit Shift Register IC DIP-16???


yes , you can use a Shift Register, but we have not used it yet,and you need program it. You can refer to our page( and buy it.

Yeah… I think it’s easier if I just buy the shield V2.

Well in the meantime, I’ll just mess with what I have while I get the shield V2.

I have a question… Is there a way to display the files that are inside the memory SD?

Do you know what I mean?
Like, can I save some .text files into my memory SD from my PC and then do some code to open those files in my SD card with the TFT touch screen shield?

Make like a browser touch screen to navigate the SD card.

Is it possible?

hey, that’s too difficult , just act TFT Touch Shield as a system , we need know how to decode the type of files, and we need a library. But it is available.

Well thanks anyways

anyways, what are these two white connectors?

what can i do with them?

DO you know to to change the brightness on this 2.8’’ TFT Touch Shield V1.0???

Sorry , we have no commands for adjusting brighness of touch shield. but it can be done in theory. we’ll test it, and you can search datasheet on our wiki to find more informations.

en,you know , we need some port as a expanding port , so you can connect one product to it directly.

I need your help…

Do you know how to map buttons?

I want to perform an action when I press on buttons but Idk how to do that…
Can you please show me some code explaining how it works or can you show me here?

Thank you :slight_smile: