Help wiring pH probe to SenseCAP Data Logger

I am trying to connect the pH probe to the SenseCAP LoRa DataLogger. I mistakenly ordered the pH probe with the Aviation connector so the SeeedStudio tech support said to cut the connector off and wire it up to the Data Logger. Using the pH probe (page 3) and Data Logger (page 9) manuals I attempted to make the connections. (see attached image) Currently the Data Logger only reports a value of 1.

Has anyone out there wired a pH probe to the Data Logger before? If so, can you provide some detailed images/description of where each of the 7 wires from the pH probe go into the Data Logger.

pH probe manual -

Data Logger manual -

Hello, we checked your connection and found no problem, we have the following suggestions

  1. Check if the connecting wire is loose
    2.Restore the module to factory settings

Thank you for the confirmation, I discovered after removing the device from the app and adding it back that the logger protocol was set to GPIO and not RS485. After selecting RS485 much more configuration was required in app.

Looking for how to configure the data logger for RS485 I found the following document:
How to Configure the RS485 Sensor for S2100 Data Logger

This document contains all the wiring instructions as well as how to configure the logger for RS485.

I’m glad your problem was solved